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Since you can’t be trusted / Since you can’t understand

I guess I’ll just have to lie to you too


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Lessons 4 and 5 yesterday and just now

Lesson 6 on the 8th of June

I became a test subject for some DSES FYP team

Something about kicking footballs

I don’t know why but I was just soooo interested to be a subject

Just one of those things I guess

First time in the sports lab. Didn’t know the school had such cool stuff in there…7.

Seven lines, that’s all.

Oh wait! Almost lost my laptop when I left in in the toilet but TT dearest found it. Muacks muacks.

FYP is… I just hope Val comes back to take the team

I really felt like strangling J at some point, although I concede, she does make the occasional point

Okay 10 lines! The end.

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Saturday morning, so I’m sleeping in

Around 11:45 am, while I was still half asleep, I hear voices in the room outside

People came over? I wondered who

Didn’t sound familiar at all

Then suddenly around noon, my grandma basically shouted for me

So I had to wake up

Good thing I undid the mess that sleep made on my hair

There was some cute girl from NP doing a medical check up on my grandma!

I’m like so…wtf… I also don’t know how to describe it

Me with my sleepy face on, hair not quite right, my grandma had just shouted out my name, my house is a mess… I can just go on…

Something just hit me… I think I feel so embarrassed not so much about myself, but my living space. Ever since I moved in here, I never want to have anyone over at this lousy intepretation of a home. That’s why I don’t want friends over for Hari Raya. I hate my house. I wish I lived somewhere better. I was more stressed out that the girl had seen me in this kind of ugly, run-down, messy house more than having her see me when I just woke up.


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Great, now I’m gonna be distracted the whole day

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3rd Driving lesson!

Won’t elaborate

Quite distracted, as I was quite tired as I had quite a long day in school, as I had quite a number of things to do, like I quite had to attend the quite something talk about surveys and then there was quite an fyp meeting quite after lunch quite quite quite. ?!?! LOL

Things to do:

Renew PDL, enrol at CDC, the driving centre, not the Communicable Disease Centre


I really didn’t need that

My heart went into overdrive, My feet could barely hold me up

The grand scheme of things eh?

If it were a movie script, I wouldn’t buy it for a second

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09:00 PM – What a stupid, loser-ish, unproductive, annoying day

I thought the way I handled the loss of my phone well

Well, today showed me just how stupid my solution was

My driving instructor would message me on the day of the lesson to confirm with me that the lesson would take place

Obviously today he couldn’t reach me

So even though I waited for 7:30 to come, he didn’t show up

Not that I can blame him

Today has been the most sucky, loser-ish day in school this semester

I wasn’t motivated at all in class

I wanted to leave class

Good thing I didn’t right? If I’d left class then I would have to wait even longer for the driving lesson that wouldn’t happen

I walked out of school alone

I hate having to do that

Fucking annoyed by everything

The only plus point was I got my replacement SIM card.

What a great day.

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08:00 – Ughh

I hate the situation I’m in right now

I miss my Maizura.

I miss my handphone.

I haven’t been running for so long.

I feel so bloody guilty about that.


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