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7:24 – Selamat Hari Raya

It’s that time of year again.

I’ll just cut to the chase.

Sometimes, when little kids don’t fast, the adults will tease them, saying that if the kids do not fast, they would not be able (allowed?) to celebrate Eid.

It was only this year that I realized it wasn’t just a story that the adults made up. It’s true, you can’t celebrate Eid. Well, not really anyway.

I confess, I haven’t been fasting properly for… Well, at least a couple of years now. And the past few years (as well as this year) I haven’t felt excited about Eid. I’ve always put this off as just me, growing up, and thus becoming less excited about such things. But this year I realized that I haven’t felt excited about Eid because there was nothing for me to be excited about. I didn’t fast, I didn’t do my prayers… Basically I did everything that I wasn’t supposed to. And as a result, I can’t really celebrate Eid.


Another issue that arises during Eid.

Every year, there will be some distant relative that comes to visit. They seem to know me. The sad part is that I don’t know them by name. Worse are those who aren’t even relatives. There are very kind people out there who are very nice to me and give me generous amounts of money, but I don’t even know why I deserve their kindness, you know? Why are they being so nice to me? I’m not even related by the tiniest speck of blood (well maybe, if you consider Adam’s lineage, but let’s not go there) People know me but I don’t know them! I guess it’s nice, but I feel bad for them as well because I know I’m not the kind of person to reach out and communicate with them. Why do they still put up with it though, year after year? I’m not deserving of your kindness, please.


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11:35 PM – Spontaneity-ness ?!?!

So proud of myself!

One the way home on 198, I thought to myself. I haven’t been doing my runs. I’m in shorts today. Why don’t I alight at Bouna Vista and run home?

That’s exactly what I did    =D

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11:16 PM


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4:20 AM – Sleepless Night

WTF, Seriously? It felt like hours but it’s only 4:20 AM?

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01:30 AM

Okay… I really lost track of time…

I was surprised to learn that it’s already 1:30 when I was checking the time to put in the post title.

I’ve been playing with my latest toy, Google SketchUp

All of this was because of the Facilities lesson I had just now

We had to come up with a floor plan of our sports hall and I got carried away with the architectural stuff and… Yeah…

I got home, searched for 3D rendering software and came across Google SketchUp

Here’s the result of my hard work. It is to scale by the way. The stand is 28 metres long, just nice to fit the length of an official basketball court (about 28.65 metres)



The “Grandstand”. Changing rooms on the first floor. Seating above it.

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2141 – =(


Took a ride on the flyer!

Could have been better if the construction projects were completed.

Pics when I get them.

Happy Birthday Leenet!

No pics with me cos I got no camera

Nice Aglio Olio with prawns

Actually main reason I blogged is to post this


ZOMGHAXXORZWTFBBQ!   I want this bag!

Oh yeah it’s going for S$103 =(

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