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01:30 AM

Okay… I really lost track of time…

I was surprised to learn that it’s already 1:30 when I was checking the time to put in the post title.

I’ve been playing with my latest toy, Google SketchUp

All of this was because of the Facilities lesson I had just now

We had to come up with a floor plan of our sports hall and I got carried away with the architectural stuff and… Yeah…

I got home, searched for 3D rendering software and came across Google SketchUp

Here’s the result of my hard work. It is to scale by the way. The stand is 28 metres long, just nice to fit the length of an official basketball court (about 28.65 metres)



The “Grandstand”. Changing rooms on the first floor. Seating above it.


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2141 – =(


Took a ride on the flyer!

Could have been better if the construction projects were completed.

Pics when I get them.

Happy Birthday Leenet!

No pics with me cos I got no camera

Nice Aglio Olio with prawns

Actually main reason I blogged is to post this


ZOMGHAXXORZWTFBBQ!   I want this bag!

Oh yeah it’s going for S$103 =(

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