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10:15 PM

Day at Science Centre with TT and Mai!

Bought myself a birthday present!

Well, that’s just the excuse I tell myself to make me feel better about spending $85. Honestly though, it’s not helping. I still feel guilty and sad that I have to buy a present for myself. I’ll let you guys in on a secret, I haven’t been getting proper presents for many birthdays now, and it saddens me =(





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00:50 AM

Today’s post is offsite!

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Love bites from football. Hurts!

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I need to talk to someone about it

But not yet, not the time for you to worry about such things with all that you have already on your plate

Anyone else?

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7:27 – Cold / Flu

I’m no med student, so forgive me if I can’t tell the difference between my colds and flus

So, the tell tale signs of falling sick came in on the past Thursday evening.

A little sneeze, several sniffs

I think I slept with a tissue plugged up one of my nostrils

Friday, full blown. Slept the whole day, waking up in between for short periods. Popped a lot of panadol pills.  Not too many I hope. =|

Saturday, woke up feeling like a champ. So bloody happy. I (foolishly, on hindsight) thought that I had defeated whatever it was that tried to bring me down.  I was basically up the whole day and slept quite late.

Today I woke up and discovered that I had gone from runny nose to blocked nose. Reality struck. I let my defenses down and now I’m paying the price. Popped more pills, and still gonna pop a couple more before the night ends. Please pray that I do not OD on Panadol. Seriously.

Okay, I’m gonna go back to bed now.


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