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12:30 AM

I don’t really have much to say

I don’t say much anyway

But that doesn’t mean I don’t care

I don’t want to get all sentimental about it

But I haven’t gotten my head around / fully grasped the fact that the semester is over

I will miss you guys. All of you, really.

Challenges ahead that I hope I’ll get through

Starting with the weekend

Miscommunications have brought about chaos in my weekend

I can’t wait for everything to clear up

Next would be the holidays

Seems like that “dream” job at NUM will never come

I really don’t want to sit around doing nothing for the holidays

Even the girl has a job

Something just popped in my head

Nevermind. You will all go “Huh?”



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Still trying to make up for all the wrong things I’ve done

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It’s all about choices isn’t it?

I could have responded differently

I should have responded differently

It has already happened, and I can’t do anything but to apologise for my actions

I’m sorry

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10:00 PM – Bodoh!

I feel so fucked up right now

Can’t really think of a proper reason why I gave school a miss today

On top of that, I missed my FTT

I was so confident that it would be tomorrow

But it was actually today

Now I gotta wait for February 26 for another test

If only I had listened to her and checked the booking details earlier, this wouldn’t have happened


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09:15 PM

Nobody said you decided everything. We already made a decision.

All that was asked was that you send out the mail.

Where was YOUR sense of urgency?

I told you to send it out the moment we got back to class

Dilly-dally much

And so what if I skip class


Secondary school? You didn’t even know me back then please.

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11:31 PM – A new perspective

I believe that just because someone doesn’t believe in a religion, it doesn’t mean that he can’t be a good person

And by that logic, I now feel that even if someone drinks, goes to clubs, smoke, or has tatoos, it doesn’t mean that they are all bad people.

So I don’t mind if you go out and have your fun, everyone deserves to pursue fun in whatever (legal) form that they like.


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Football is not as enjoyable as it was a couple of weeks before

I hate that feeling, it’s supposed to be fun, but it’s not

I’m focused on the wrong thing

I missed two days of school this week

I hate school

I love the people

But I hate school

The girl is sick


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