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12:00 AM

A bit on the long side, but interesting read nonetheless


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12:40 AM



Sick and tired of trying so hard

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02:00 PM

I was going to put up a picture of Martin Taylor’s tackle on Eduardo

But after much thought, maybe I’m just over-reacting

Yes, I hurt someone

But no, I did not break his leg

And of course no, it wasn’t intentional

It was the first time that such a thing had happened, and I guess I just don’t know how to handle/react to the situation

The incident made me realize that accidents can, and do happen

But I can’t help to feel that it could have been avoided

And in relation to Martin Taylor’s case, I initially felt anger and disgust at his action and didn’t feel that he was truly sorry about the incident. I couldn’t believe that it was just an accident.

But yesterday when I myself was the one who inflicted injury, I understood how bad he would have felt, and also how easily accidents can happen. I also felt sad when others were saying, although probably in jest, that I intentionally hurt Irsyad, when in all honesty the moment I saw all that blood my heart just left the game and that I was deeply regretful and sorry of what had happened.

Basically it just felt as though the whole world was against you. And that feeling sucked eggs

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00:00 AM – Sighs

I feel so guilty

I wish that I had not done what I’ve done

I wish I could turn back time

I’d gladly take the hit instead

I’m so sorry Irsyad

I should have never gone for the ball like that

I feel so stupid now, someone got badly hurt due to my actions

Gah… What can I do to redeem myself?

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11:50 PM

I’m feeling a little down now actually

While playing football just now, something happened

Some guy (wanna say uncle, he’s not that old, wanna say brother, he’s not that young) commented that I played good

Personally, when I hear such things from random strangers, I’d just take it that this person is talking bullshit and just trying to strike up a conversation. And this time it was ┬áno different, I still thought the same

He asked me why wasn’t I playing in a club. He said if I wanted to, he could hook me up with some people at Tampines Rovers FC and I could train with them

Hell. I’d love the chance

Before we could exchange numbers, he had to leave

Fuck. There goes my chance

And that’s why I’m feeling down

I wished I’d asked him more earlier

Now all I can do is to wonder;

What if?

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