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06:05 PM


Slaps self.

I cancelled my FTT test date…

As I was surfing around the booking site, I saw this thing called “Try-sell”

It’s an option where, upon cancelling a booking, it is not really considered cancelled until someone takes up the booking you cancelled and you get a refund, or until you decide to take back the slot yourself.

So I decided to try it out. I thought I’d cancel my FTT test date and take it back immediately after. So I cancelled my booking.

And to my horror, the “Try-sell” option only works on practical bookings!


And I don’t have enough in my BBDC account to book another date!

Double ARGH!!

But, as the saying goes, “Always look on the bright side of life.”

Tomorrow, during second break, I will run out of class and go to BBDC to

1) Top-up my account

2) Apply for my PDL


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12:20 AM

What a day

‘Nuff said


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12:01 AM

I love you still, a lot. I really do.

But help me us out too, don’t make it too hard



I had a long chat with my mom recently, and it brought to light a lot of things that I’ve never known or never felt I had the real answers to

I’ve always wondered why Grandma is so restrictive/(over) protective towards me. When I found out about the things her children got into in their younger days, all those wild stories and whatnot, I couldn’t really believe that their mom was the same Grandma that cocoons me from the outside world.

But it’s time I broke out of that cocoon. No, I’m not going to pick up smoking or drinking or go clubbing. But just open up myself more to the things that are going on out there. I’m sorry for whining about possibly going to work. I realise that I shouldn’t have. I’m going to put myself out there and even if I fail, it would be a learning experience. I’ll do whatever it takes, short of getting poked of course.

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10:00 PM

I hate the Basic Theory Test (BTT)

Fucking BTT

I hate people carrying their hockey sticks before / after training

(But just because I have no reason to carry my own hockey sticks out anymore)

I hate people who think that lights at a pedestrian crossing will automatically turn green for them

Hello? Then what is the button for? If it was automatic then they wouldn’t have provided you with a button to press in the first place

They even changed the button to be much bigger now, and still you won’t press it

I feel like a failure as a boyfriend

I never seem to do anything right

What happened to the nights where I went home smiling to myself

I almost teared in the train just now

In fact a few drops leaked out

I am not ashamed

It is okay to cry

And just now, I just felt like it

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06:30 PM – I wanna…

I want to eat the Mega McDonald’s Burgers.

I wanna have the Mega Egg McMuffin and the Mega McSpicy!

Sometimes I wonder if it’s worth the effort…

I’m ashamed to say that I’m back playing MapleStory

But heck =/

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03:20 PM


Teo Ting Yang made me so happy today…

While I was presenting, he IMed me this: (Click to enlarge)


Wah, damn happy la…

This is a not so recent pic of the abovementioned Fabregas:


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