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10:26 PM

When I read the response that my PP advisor gave me, I immediately felt depressed

According to her there’s still much for me to do. Damn…

I still wanna talk to you


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9:37 PM

She doesn’t deserve this

She really doesn’t deserve this

Yeah, we’ve had our fair share of fights/arguments/quarrels. Probably more than we should

But lately things have been going smoothly

She really doesn’t deserve this

The more I think about it, the more I believe I did the wrong thing

No. No… YOU don’t deserve her

It’s just so unfair to her. I can’t bear to think of her having to bear such pain

All she’s done for you, and this is what you do?

You probably hate me now, and will never forgive me for what I said on this day. But I want to be there for you, at least as a friend

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12:08 PM

Just taking a break from that darned report.

I wonder if I’ll make the deadline. By the 9th of September, I’d have to

1) Complete the report,

2) Get an approval from the advisor,

3) And come up with a poster (which basically sums up your 2000 or more word report)

How would you feel if this dream you had all this time was… well, just a dream?

That reality is nowhere near what you wished/hoped/expected it to be?

I just don’t wanna disappoint anyone

Why am I so negative?


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9:18 PM

Boredom + Rain = A lot of sleeping

What’s the one thing you hate to do most?

I hate disappointing others.

The feeling you get inside when you realize you just disappointed someone, I hate it

I always try my best not to disappoint

But I know you can’t please everybody

What would you do if you were presented with a second chance at a missed opportunity?

Do you let it go, because you feel that your life is good enough at the moment?

Or would you go for it, because its not everyday that you get a chance to find out “What if” ?

One thing is for sure, it won’t be easy to make a choice, and people will get hurt. Chances are, you’re the one who gets hurt the most at the end of everything.

Maybe some things are just meant to remain as “What ifs”

I wish I spent more time knowing whats in my head, rather than trying to read the minds of others.

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12:42 AM

The volunteer work for City Chase went great!

Turns out my Chase Point was at the Cold Rock Ice Creamery at Holland Village.

Of course when you’re stationed at an ice cream parlor, you’d be expecting some of the good stuff to come you way.

And boy did it come our way.

Free ice cream all round!

Ever had this niggling feeling that wouldn’t go away?

Like that loose thread on your clothes, being such an irritant.

Maybe that was the closure I needed.

Nothing was really gonna happen.

What was said yesterday, it was just those years of pent up feelings.

Now that they’re out of the way, everyone’s back in reality.

If anything, it was the late night that made me not think so straight.

I mean, I just got carried away.

And it was great, till this big invisible hand came across with a stinging smack on the face.

You wake up and realise it was just a dream.

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11:30 PM

I’m starting to type bullshit on my PP report. I guess that means its time to stop.

Its so tempting to bullshit when there’s just 500 words to go. But one can only bullshit so much right?

I wonder how I got myself into this situation.

This infatuation. You thought you were over it, your past. But it comes back to haunt you. Or maybe you begged it to come back. You looked for it, prodded around and wondered where it has gone too. Now its here, right in front of you, and all that goes through your head is, “Cool, but now I wished I never found out”

But its hopeless; You’re enchanted by it. You don’t wanna let go, not yet at least. “Let’s see what happens”, you tell yourself. Don’t get your hopes up, you’ll just get burnt. The point comes where you are supposed to say, “Good to know you still exist, but I got my own life now.” And the point goes. You didn’t say it. You’re curious, you want answers, so you stay. Slowly you get pulled in. Further and further. You get so far in you don’t even realize. Or maybe you realize but you just don’t wanna get out. Because you’re infatuated. Your life becomes nothing but a waiting game. “Its been a whole day. Still not here? Gosh only an hour has passed? It felt like two.”

Some people just can’t let go. They may forget about something for a while but when reminded of it, they can’t get it out of their head. They think its fate. They get reminded of everything. Suddenly they feel like throwing everything away to chase that what if. Well what if it doesn’t work out? What do you have to go back to? Then again someone else would think What if it does work out? Well no one will ever know. We determine what happens in our lives. There is always a choice, and those choices would define us.

Well what if?

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10:58 PM

Its been a week (actually almost two) since the renovations have been completed

The results? Well its okay really, there’s no big change to take note of

I’m just glad that everything’s settled back to how it was

Anyway there are many things that I’ve yet to do

Like My PP report, which has yet to progressed any further than the 600-700 odd words from the 2000 minimum required.

Although when I look back on this, I’ve done about 3/8 of it, and if I put my head down and work on it, it could be done in a day or two, easy.

But I’d like to emphasise, IF I put my head down and work on it…

Then there is the painting of the home.

Gosh I have nothing to say but, “Give me some paint!”

Not forgetting my Class 3 licence… Almost 6 months have passed since I qualify to start learning, but I still haven’t

Enough of that… Lets see something about Michael Phelps

Apparently, he started young…

And you must have heard of his controversial win in the 100m Butterfly against Milorad Cavic. Ever wondered what happened after?

Oh yeah! Big thanks to Chong for the chalet. Very much appreciated. I’m sure everyone had a good time. Late night trips to Changi Village shall be top of my list of places to go when I have a driving licence.

And to end the post,

It’s a small world;

Which makes Singapore even smaller.

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