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6:40 PM


Excited sekejap


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5:08 PM

Am I being unreasonable?

It is a common thing nowadays right?

Is it too much to expect from someone?


I guess this just shows that I’m really not ready yet

Seems like I fail at Give and Take and Understanding

Maybe you can add Unreasonable to the list too


Feels like something is missing

No wait; Something IS missing


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7:50 PM

I can hear it

I can feel it

Heart’s beating hard, stuck in my throat

Trying hard to hold back the tears

Wondering if they’re worth it

They must be worth something; I can only hope

Life: Never so bad that it can’t get worse

Somebody show me how it can be worse

Cos I’m feeling pretty damn low right now

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11:52 PM

I wish I was dead.

I just want to be left alone.

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11:52 PM

What can I say?

Be strong, pull yourself together.

If not for anyone else, do it for yourself.

Okay I was just trying to sound cheem there.

Clive tomorrow. Gotta be sharp.

I got so much to say but what difference does it make.

People experience stuff everyday.

What happened to me most likely happened to someone else in the past, and is just as likely to happen to someone else in the future.

Chyeah. Just when you were starting to think that miracle that happened to you was something special.

Aiman drops by to say, “Its no miracle!”

But seriously. 6 billion plus people on Earth. What are the chances of the same situation happening to people in different parts of the world?

Bloody high if you ask me.

Honestly I’m just bored right now.

You know what I just realised?

(Actually I realised this a long time ago)

When I blog, its basically me talking to myself.

Yeah. The words that you see here, now; they are literally popping up in my head this very second.

You can imagine me walking down the street talking to myself.

I find me quite interesting. But that’s just my opinion, =/


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