11:45 PM

What a long day

Met the girl at 11 AM

Accompanied her to school for her short short meeting

Watched “The Dark Knight”

Attended the CSC meeting which ended at 9 PM

Finally back home at 10 PM

The Dark Knight was great, well for me at least

A whole 2 hours and 30 minutes

I’m really sorry you didn’t fully enjoy the movie

Besides Maggie Gyllenhaal’s character, (I don’t get why they pick ugly girls for such movie roles. I mean look at Spider-Man and Kirsten Dunst. Kirsten is nowhere near as hot as comic Mary Jane) the rest were great. Heath Ledger was the absolute highlight. I hope Christian Bale carries on with the Batman project. Michael Caine played out Alfred exactly how I imagined him to be in the comics. It was great, a definite must watch if you have an idea about the story of Batman. If not, well… The girl said the last hour was great.


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