11:15 PM – Exclusive story!

The 2 psychiatrist friends

This is a story about 2 psychiatrist buddies discussing this new guy that came in. For sake of simplicity, they’ll be referred to A and B.

A: Hey B! Have you seen that new guy that came in?

B: Yeah… That guy has issues man.

A: Err… Like YEAH? That’s why he’s here dude.

B: Right. What’s his problem?

A: What isn’t his problem?

B: Funny. Seems like this time he’s resigned to whatever that has happened.

A: Yeah, he doesn’t seem to be fighting back like he usually does. I wonder why.

B: Maybe he’s given up.

A: Maybe he just doesn’t know what to say.

B: Maybe he doesn’t wanna say anything.

A: What about… He thinks if she wants to say something  about it, then she would.

B: And if she doesn’t then that’s that.

A: Right. And what’s with this stalking thing?

B: It’s not really stalking in the traditional sense of the word. He is sortofstalking, not REALLY stalking as in watch-out-I’m-right-behind-you kind of stalking. Maybe without the watch-out part. I mean stalking ain’t stalking if you gave the person a watch-out warning right?

A:That was really disturbing, but whatever. Maybe he’s just anxious. He wants to see if there has been any changes, any news. Cos its the only way of finding out now. And about that name-staring…

B: Yeah? Go on.

A: He’s probably just wondering whether the title still fits.

B: Title? What title?

A: Oh come on… You know… THE title?

B: Doesn’t ring a bell, sorry, nope.

A: …

B: OH! THAT title! Why didn’t you just say so?

A: …

B: Or maybe he’s waiting for something to happen?

A: Right, nice one.

B: So… Did anything happen?

A: How the hell would I know?

B: Sorry. Anyway, I think he is quite unreasonable as well.

A: Unreasonable?

B: Well yeah. Its a common thing nowadays, why get so worked up? Anyway, as the saying goes, if you can’t beat ’em, join ’em

A: You’re not suggesting that he…

B: Oh yes I’m suggesting that he…

A: Oh gosh… I don’t know…

B: Oh well if he’s not gonna do it then the least he could do is to be more understanding.

A: Yeah. I guess you got a point there.

B: I hope he manages to sort things out. This looks to be a potentially very messy affair.

A: Yeah… If it doesn’t, he could always come back to us.

B: Like that would be of any use.

The End

Now for the moral of the story:

Talking to yourself is one thing

Giving yourself a psychiatric evaluation from the viewpoint of two imaginary characters having a conversation and typing it out like a script is another

Fully realizing what I just did, and still allowing it to be published. That’s another thing altogether too

Now I am truly convinced that I am somewhat mentally disturbed

Or brilliant

Its just an opinion


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