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09:18 PM

I had a test today.

I think I’m sure I blew it.



1) Elaborate on four categories of people we have to consider when designing a fitness centre?  (4marks)

Those who are wheelchair bound would need ramps in order to access the fitness centre. They need to have the equipment within reach; stuck in a wheelchair, they can’t reach items that are high up.

Then there are the blur ones. We need large, clear signs to guide them so that the guys don’t go to the ladies toilet and vice versa. They may also need help with the dumbbells.

The fit ones would hog the equipments for long periods of time due to their immense fitness. Therefore we need to have plenty of equipments so that there is enough to go around for all, regardless of fitness level.

The last category of people we have to consider are the sweaty ones. They stink up the place and leave sweat marks on the press benches. There needs to be enough ventilation so that they don’t choke up the whole fitness centre. Soap in the showers wouldn’t be such a bad idea either.

I’m laughing AT myself, as well as WITH myself.



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The weekends have been great!

It’s nice having the girl around, and hanging out at home ain’t so bad, even though I could have done without the cleaning up. I guess it’s just a temporary sacrifice for the permanent improvement coming up.

And I love our new hang out spots. Not too many people, seats, food. Perfect!

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