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Urgh… I hate staying at home, it makes me feel sick. (Like medically sick kinda sick)

But what to doooo… And no baby, I’m not trying to blame you or make you feel guilty

Its so bloody boring at home! It was okay when I used to be a social hermit, but not anymore!

Roar! I just want tomorrow to come quick.


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Okay quick post before I leave for soccer.Its been a bloody hell terrible week lah.

Didn’t get to see the girl for so almost a week, omg!

And in between that time I fell ill, I was vomiting like never before, and it hurt like hell.

The pain made me cry, I’m not ashamed to admit that.

Anyway the girl and I watched Step Up 2 yesterday and I gotta say it was interesting.

And I’m bloody jealous I can’t dance a quarter as well as they can.

Anyway pictures!

My birthday cake. Thank YOU so much! =D

My birthday present from myself, 3 in 1 Lego set.

My stash.

And finally, talk about Extreme Makeover!

And finally, Love Me Sexy by Will Ferrell. Its just so.. I dunno, but I like it.

Okay gotta run! Time to shower and go!

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Okay quick post before I try to sleep.

Its been a great few days off without the grandma around…

Thank god it wasn’t as empty as I thought it would be.

Heck, it was probably more company than I could ever imagine I would have over the three days, haha.

And mom was so cool about it… I hope she’s sincere…

Anyway I finally got new earpieces… The hills are alivee, with the sound of muuusiicAgain~

I just got a cheap one, so that if I damage it I wouldn’t feel so bad.

I did more cooking than I ever did in the past year or so, and I think I’m quite okay.

Fish and Co. was nice, and so was ThaiExpress.

Didn’t get to catch Horton due to a change of plans (Change for the better, don’t worry) but I’ll catch it soon, along with Step Up 2.

Oh! Oh! Lego!… I’ll post the pics tomorrow…

Okay thats all for now, good night!

And I’m 18! Yay~!

Okay bye.

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Oh god, what the fuck have I done?!

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Gah! I’m so bored!

Even the Horlicks ice cream can’t do anything to help me, jeez…

I’ll just GAD now, okay bye!

Added at 1800-

I can’t even go to sleep… Here’s why…


Just as I started to dream, phone rings and its Grandma asking me to pick her up from the carpark at 1745


I go down and guess what? She had to rush to the toilet so she needed me to carry the stuff she got from those people who got married ceremony (I don’t know what its called in English) The cheek! She had to pee so I had to go down. Why doesn’t she just walk up and pee before she makes it to the door, like how she usually does? Even with my help, she still peed before entering the house just now.

Okay thats it.  Now for the random thought I had while waiting for Grandma.

Lets say you had a situation. You have this issue to bring up to someone.

If you believe in fate then you wouldn’t have to bring up the issue right? Because the issue would arise on its own or something like that.  Because fate had it all planned out from the start.

What if I kept quiet about something, refusing to bring it up because well, if its already fated then no issue will be an issue. Because fate says you’ll be together.


Is that how it works? Because I’m really confused right now.

I guess the real question is do I believe in fate in the first place?

O Answers, Answers, wherefore art thou Answers.

I was thinking of going with the fate has it all planned out option so I’m keeping quiet and see how things turn out.

Even though I don’t quite believe in fate.

Or maybe I’m just in denial about it.

Either way, keep quiet and see. I hope its the right move.

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You have no clue to how much I want this night to be over…

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