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Here again!

Redesigned my airline logo, here is the new one!

Mas Selamat Kastari

Why didn’t his parents name him Mas Selamat Kasturi.

I think that’d would sound nicer.

At least I think it’d sound nicer.

Doesn’t anyone else think that way too?

Why wouldn’t MY parents give me a nicer name?

Oh well, shit happens.


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6 months! =) Happy boy here.

Poor baby, always unwell…

CSS band concert was interesting, I didn’t feel as impressed as the other performance I attended the other day (I can’t remember the name of the band so I’m not gonna make a fool of myself and state the wrong name) but the CSS band did play a Pirates of the Caribbean Medley! Shiok!

I came across this airline game yesterday, and in my free time I came up with…


My airline’s logo. Simplistic luh, but yah… I’m happy with it. The wonders of Powerpoint, haha.

And if you don’t get the R(A) pun then I pity you.

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Why the fuck do I keep screwing up?

Even on this day I messed it up.

Fuck la Aiman…

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I’m just so disturbed by Eduardo’s broken leg.

Mind you when I say broken I mean BROKEN.

Like snapped in two, not fractured. Brr…

The fact that Arsenal drew the game doesn’t even matter, someone’s shin was broken in two!

Sad day.

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Hmm… I can’t even remember when I last updated and I can’t be bothered to check so if stories overlap then I’m sorry.

I remember spending a lot of time with the girlfriend, roaming around Singapore.

Went to Central Mall, National Museum of Singapore, her sister’s place, RP, Great World (like 3 days in a row) and Blk 83 Redhill Lane.

Her family is just so nice… Why can’t mine be as nice?

Meet the Spartans – Watch it if you liked Epic Movie.

I like both.

I like sushi at Great World too.

And that little spot near the river, lets go there someday. *winks*

Central Mall is…. ooooookay lah…

The Museum was cool I guess… I learned that the Greek statues on display were copies; scaled-down versions of the original. Which makes a lot of sense to do so because there was one statue that was about 2m high max, and its original is 12m high. Imagine that!

And gosh were there lots of dick. What a sausage fest. Marble sausage that is. One thing I’ve learned is that the Ancient Greeks sure loved their dicks.

Damn I had something to type here but I forgot… Jeez…

Was it the part where grandma gave me the cold shoulder?


Nope, not that…

Oh! Oh! Oh! My GPA.

I got 3.25 in my first year at RP. Not very satisfied with it though and I really wanna work hard next year. Although I’m very worried about PP. Like so what if you got good daily grades but don’t finish PP?

For those of you who are wondering what the hell is PP, this is PP.

(I hope the link works for you non-RP people… If any of those kind of people even read my blog luh but… yah)

Alright… Now… Should I play FM or sleep?

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Happy Valentine’s Day!

Okay so I’m 1 and a half hours late, sorry!

Just so you know, I don’t really take part in V-day.

And neither does baby.

Perfect. =)

Hmm… This just popped in…

Dating someone popular.

And I’ve been meaning to say this… I know I’m not religious and shit but I’m worried that I won’t find someone whose family would be that understanding of my stand on this. I know for sure Grandma won’t be happy.

In other words, what if I can’t get married due to my beliefs? (or lack of it, as some of you might see it)

Hmm… I hope one of us would be able to compromise when the time comes (Us refers to me and the family)

Oh well, not happening anytime soon so why worry right?

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