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Happy 5 months baby!

I love you!




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Its in the details. Not the big picture.

Its never been about quantity.

A smile, a hug and a kiss. 5 minutes.

And I’ll be a happy kid.

I try my very best to give you what you want, believe me, I do.

But bottling up my feelings also has a limit, so forgive me when I overflow.

I love you baby, probably more than you’ll ever know.

And I mean that.


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This must be a new record for me. Its already 4 in the morning and I still can’t sleep…

Just when we talked about how we’re over it, about how we got through and now we’re back to normal, this happens…

I can’t believe you actually used that word against me. In a public space too.

I never felt so hurt… No matter how angry I feel, I’d never use that word against you. So what, right?

I’ve felt like vomiting, but there’s nothing to vomit out cos I haven’t had anything besides milk.

I want to explain to you that that was not I meant. I never meant quality = quantity.

Should I? I haven’t decided… Would it even matter?

Too bad I couldn’t find my mom’s blade… I really wanted it.

Since my head is too messed up to write anything else, I’m just gonna explain that I didn’t mean quality = quantity

Some of you might feel its very trivial, but try stepping into my shoes.

When you told me that you wanna eat with your classmates during first break, I understood.

Yesterday I thought that I’d at least see you, if only for a few minutes, to accompany you to W3.

At the last minute you just said you’re going there with your classmate.

We’re on the same level, but we might as well be in different buildings.

It never was about quality = quantity. How can that be if there was no quantity to speak of?

Do what you want baby. I don’t wanna hold you back. If sometime somewhere you find time for me, great. But if you can’t then I’ll just wait.

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I’m feeling kinda stressed up in class right now so… Yah… I’ll blog…

I saw some nice shoes while I was out in town with baby. $115… Where to get money?! Gah…

I miss Pure Caramel and McSpicy.

I wish I have enough money for everything I’ll ever need. Like anytime I want something, there is enough for me to purchase it. I wish I could splurge on baby, donuts, coffeebean, food… EVERYTHING!

I wish there was something I could do about baby’s pain. I feel so useless when she clutches her tummy in pain.

I wish I knew how to do today’s problem.

Okay… I really got no idea what to blog about… I’ll stop here first till Baby sends the pics.

2 minutes later…

Okay got the pics.

Ice kacang! (Its surprisingly nice)

Smelly feet!

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Before I go play my games, I’ll do a post…I saw the second cutest thing in the world. The cutest is of course the girl, heh.

It was the smallest epok-epok I have ever seen! It was so cute I just couldn’t eat it. It felt like I was eating the baby epok-epok. But in the end I did eat it anyway… I’m not sure if you’ll get the idea of the size but here’s a picture…

Anyway… We finally found our way to Icekimo. It was okay I guess. I’d still pick Island Creamery over Icekimo anytime though. At least now we know we aren’t losing out ‘cos now we know it ain’t as good as Island.

What we had:

Hers Mine

Umm… What else…

Oh, Baby acompanied me to get my ‘O’ level certificate (finally)

Why do school staff seem nicer to you after you graduated?

And we went shopping for her band reunion bbq; Its been so long since I bought so much stuff at a supermarket, pushing that trolley around. And I worked a one day job. It pays $20/hour. Wanna know what job I did? I changed the curtains and cleaned the fan for my grand-aunt, HAHA!

Okay bye. Alvin wants to play pool. I wanna go.

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