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I can’t sleep…

I want this pain to end…

A knife



Baby, I’m not asking you to run back to me.

I’m asking you to allow ME to run back to you.

Cos I’ll keep running after you baby, till you tell me to stop.

Wanna know why I keep listening to “I Don’t Love You”?

Cos when I listen to that song, all I think about is the opposite of what it says.

I love you.

If you go, I’ll try my best to make you stay.

and I never wanna have to find another way.

Its here for you and everyone else to see Baby;

I love you, and I’m not ashamed to let the whole world know.


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Yay! I’m back from K.L!

I must say it was bitter sweet.

It was alright, but it would’ve been great if she was there.

Maybe next time alright?

So glad to be back safely in Singapore… I was so afraid if anything happened…

Anyway, thank you Stephen, for the BBQ. So nice of you.

I bought nothing in K.L… I don’t think I ever wanna go there again because its like going to town, just that its 300km away and I use a different currency.

I won’t understand why some people still insist on a K.L shopping holiday. I think it would be better to shop in Singapore.

Hmm… Till next time…

Okay bye!

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So I guess the question now is… “Is my Culture UT grade worth the $17 cab fare?”

I just checked my grades.

I already missed one Culture UT.

I guess that means bye bye to $17.

Okay got to go.


Okay, apparently I saw wrongly. I haven’t missed a Culture UT.

That $17.10 better get me a B at least.

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Alright… I should stop procrastinating and blog.

This weekend was probably the weekend where I have spent so little time with the girl.

She was at Sentosa (Why am I telling you guys this??) but we met up to go to Pat’s performance later on.

Didn’t have much time for anything. I met her at HarborFront and we were straight off to RP.

I’m not musically inclined in any way, but I must say I did enjoy the performance. So stop asking if it was good Pat!

Okay now let the rant begin.

We decided to go for dinner/supper after the performance so I suggested Al-Ameen, which is somewhere near Woodlands. I suggested the place because the last two times I went there, I enjoyed the food. I really had no qualms about it, it was nice so I thought “Hey, why not we go there” right? So everything was going fine till I got my order messed up. I have this thing about sauces if you didn’t know (I absolutely abhor stuff like chili/tomato sauce on my food) so imagine my horror when they put chili sauce on my order! When I had asked for none! Okay you must be thinking relax, get the thing changed or something. Well I did. Soon enough it came back. And guess what. All they did was to scrape the fucking sauce off of the thing. And they did it with the spoon that they expect me to eat with! Like ZOMG! What kind of shit service is this? I was really upset you know… Like totally. And baby didn’t seem to be on my side about it. Which is totally understandable because I was whining like nobody’s business. I am never going back to that place again, not after how they treated my food. (I take it seriously okay… That is no way to treat food)

On Sunday I was contemplating about whether I should go for hockey… I kinda missed (Okay, I WAS missing) baby so I felt like I should just meet up with her and spend time together. Turns out she was “grounded”. HAHA! Okay laughing isn’t too smart ‘cos if she can’t see me then I can’t see her either. So I just went for training which turned out quite fun ‘cos it was raining so I didn’t feel as tired and I feel that I’m more included in the team. My body now feels like crap though. My back is killing me and my arms are aching… And my stick is cracked, from the rain I guess… I’m so missing my gold TK Matrix stick right now… Gah! No money to get a composite stick though… Damn damn damn… Most likely I’ll be playing at NYP on Friday, can’t wait. Heire! Wanna start Hockey IG with me? I want to but its kinda (Okay, VERY) hard ‘cos you need a pitch fort training and all that. But you’re more experienced about organising such things so tell me if its possible or not!

Finally for today… Not much uh… Just wanna put up some stupid pictures and say that someone complained about New York Pizza just like how I complained about Al-Ameen. WAHAHA!  Poor you luh… I totally understand your situation okay?

What do you mean there is something on my head?

She just wouldn’t believe that I could see from inside the bag…

DIY Darth Vader helmet (You gotta really use your imagination here…)

Oh the things you do when people can’t recognise you with a bag over your head…

I loved every moment we spent today baby, looking forward to more =) I love you!

Okay bye gotta go. UT tomorrow and I told the girl I would sleep early. Heh… =P

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Okay! Here to blog… People have made comments about me not blogging =P *Looks to my baby and Yutaki*

Sorry I haven’t been posting… I just didn’t think people would be interested in what I do… Oh well, here goes…

A lot has happened, but lets just do the ones that I can remember very well…

First up, I was at the Sesame Street Christmas After Party. Here is what I witnessed…

Elmo to Big Bird: Not so big now, are you?

Okay… Baby has been unwell and finally couldn’t take it and wanted to see the doctor, so I skipped class to accompany her (Sorry Science team)

Didn’t go to school the next day because Baby was still not well so I accompanied her at home ‘cos her parents were away.

What else… Oh… I was a baggage handler at the Standard Chartered Singapore Marathon. So much for my enthusiasm. 12 hours of a shitty job that no person who knew what he was in for would do. No thanks for next year man… The CE points are so not worth it. And to the shitty people who made a shitty day worse,well F*** YOU!

Hmm… What else… I’m sorry I’m jumping all over the place… I was thinking of skipping class tomorrow but the girl can’t skip tomorrow… Oh well… Some other time then…

I want a job! I need more cash! I wanna work at TOPMAN. Island Creamery would be a bonus!

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