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Since I have nothing to do now, might as well post before I play NFS: Pro Street

So almost two weeks have passed since my last proper post.

This time between posts saw me go to school for the whole week, for the first time this semester.

It looked like it was gonna be two weeks straight of school but I ditched class on Thursday and left class during 2nd break just so I could focus on installing NFS: Pro Street (The evil bitch doesn’t allow you to have your laptops open during class time) Had trouble installing the game but I did it in the end! :D

This two weeks also saw me reach home quite early quite often.

And this two weeks also had me feeling pissed off at my grandma.

When will she realize that I know more about this world than she thinks I do?

Don’t start about having a girlfriend. I can’t even have friends who are girls apparently.

People should really get with the times.

I think she will just flip and die if she knows what her precious little boy has been up to.

I’m no longer that boy grandma, I’ve never been that boy for a long time now.

Deal with it.

And oh! I got a bit sidetracked about the grandma thing that I almost forgot why I wanted to blog. I reached home after soccer today and no one was home. The door was locked so I couldn’t reach for the key as usual. I called my grandma and it turns out she went out. She went out. Without informing me. So I spent four hours outside my house doing abso-fucking-lutely nothing! Like seriously NOTHING! How I wished the girl was in Singapore then… I miss you baby!


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Okay… Its the end of the one week break and it’s back to school! For another 5 weeks before we have another 3 weeks holiday… Retarded right? Nevermind… Anyway…

Finally played soccer on Saturday with the secondary school friends! It’s been so long… And its so fun to play at that basketball court… Its like my home ground, haha. (Whatever Aiman…)  I also volunteered myself for the Standard Chartered Singapore Marathon; I’m gonna be doing baggage, lol. I started out skeptical about al this volunteering shit, but after going through the briefing, it sounds like a nice challenge for myself… And the other 300-odd baggage handlers too, lol.

On Sunday I went to Hockey Village again; this time there were much more “seniors” around… And I was late, so I was a bit embarrassed because of that. I was a bit tired because I played soccer the day before, but at least I could feel that I could run that little bit more today.

Went to Jurong Point after training with the girl (who so sweetly stayed throughout training) for dinner. We went pass the rocker busker who plays Deep Purple’s “Smoke On The Water”. He is like the coolest busker I’ve ever come across. I’d love to take a picture, but I think its rude to take a picture of someone without their knowledge… Especially since he is blind. I was so hungry that I had two McSpicy’s for dinner. Amazing man!

So after all that pigging out, I gotta shed it right? So the girl and I decided to start jogging together! So sorry that you have to make your way down to my area baby… I’d love to do it at your area, but I’d have to go to your place after and your parents would be home… Shy uh, haha. We went jogging before school just now! Whee! I’m so glad we really did it. The first step is always the hardest you know. Didn’t last long actually… The soccer and hockey on the previous days just killed the legs… Today didn’t help, but at least we ran! Congrats to us!

Computing UT tomorrow. Let’s do shit and pray for moderation! Long live RP!

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Okay… So what has happened since the last post?

I joined Heire for training at Hockey Village on Sunday. Finally I’m playing hockey! Got a present for my first day playing there. Here it is…

Monday, Tuesday was spent with the sweet sweet girl… Ahh… I just can’t get enough of her…

So! Its Wednesday and my wound doesn’t seem to be healing as I felt it should… So I went to a polyclinic to get it checked out (Accompanied by the sweet sweet girl, hooray!) So we spent a bit more than 1 hour waiting for the doctor, only for him to take 3 minutes to tell me that there is nothing wrong with my wound. HAHA! Nevermind, at least I got to spend time with my baby… Then I saw this while waiting to pay the fees…

Okay, so its nothing too exciting… I just found it funny that they mixed up the numbers… Anyway… Did I say I was waiting to pay? Turns out I don’t have to because I didn’t have any medication! Good thing she was with me… If not I would’ve been sitting there like an idiot, waiting for my number to appear so I can pay.

Then we watched the Bee Movie, after an… Interesting… event that happened at home. Cute movie, very funny in my opinion.

Okay… Prata tomorrow! The holidays haven’t been as we would’ve wanted it to be, but hey, when life gives you lemons, you make lemonade right?

See ya tomorrow baby =)

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I could just cut myself… If I wasn’t afraid to bleed. Go figure.

I’m sorry I’m such a selfish boyfriend.

Yes, I’m a selfish, self-centered brat who thinks she should spend all her time with me.

I feel sorry for you when you said you probably won’t even have time for yourself.

So go and have all the time you want for yourself. I’m not gonna bother you.

It’s so boring at home…

Why can’t I just seem to understand that she has other people besides me to entertain?

Me and my big mouth…

Unlike me, who has no one to occupy my time besides her.

At home = Depressing

I’m sorry for wanting all the attention on me.

And I’m sorry if I’m moody.

I can’t help it, being at home while you’re out and about makes me feel that way.

And no, I’m not blaming you. Its my own fault I’m at home.

Whatever happened to those times where I didn’t even care I was alone?

I mean… I basically spent the time between the end of ‘O’ levels and RP alone.

Now I feel like dying if I’m left alone.

I’m just so afraid if you were to leave me for someone else right now.

Stop kidding yourself with the “Who would like me” line.

A lot of people would.

I did.

And I know there are people out there who are much better than me in so many ways.

Gosh, where is my self-esteem…

Can I go any lower?

Hope not…

I don’t even know what to feel.

Mind’s just too mangled with shit right now.


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What a way to end the week.

I’m home early on a Friday.

And our plans for the holidays have come to nothing.

So I have nothing on for the week to come.

I’m sure that my grandma would be pleased about that.

Yes, you will still be my baby, but I think that I deserve to be upset.

Hope you had fun.

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