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Long due

I’m sorry, most importantly to Tricia, Yvonne and W15H

I’m sorry Tricia for not turning up for your birthday celebration.

I’m sorry to Yvonne and W15H for being so irresponsible.

Its taken so long, but I just can’t see why this should go on.

Mai and I are sorry we couldn’t turn up for the birthday celebration.

Its not that we didn’t want to, but we already planned to attend a talk during lunch that day.

I should have told someone that we couldn’t come and celebrate but I was irresponsible and I didn’t, and I’m very sorry about that.

Things are different now, and I can’t promise to meet up with all of you every time, but I can try to join you guys sometimes… That is if you guys would still want me to join in.

Thats all, looking back, its all very silly… There was no crazy story about why I cannot attend, just that on that day I was going for a talk and I didn’t inform you guys that I couldn’t join in. Once again, I’m sorry.


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