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2145 – Previously Protected

It’s not about what you read in that post. It’s been so long that I myself can’t remember what I typed in that post.

What its really about is that you made plans at the last minute. I’m totally okay with you going out with your friends, but when you suddenly make plans at the last minute, my plans get affected too. I thought I would be waiting for your IG to end and then break fast together and then send you home.  Imagine how I felt when I was in the train, at around 5, already heading home. Maybe I’m just being too emotional, but I was trying my best not to tear in the damn train.

Yes, thank you for asking me whether you should go or not, although I’m sure you would have gone anyway because your friends said they missed you. Remember when you met up with your friends the other day? I totally knew about that and I was totally okay because days in advance I already knew I wasn’t going to be spending time with you that day. Like right now I don’t expect to be with you on Thursday evening because you said your parents pushed your dinner date back. I’m not trying to fault anyone here, but please… Can I at least know a day in advance? Thats all I ask. By all means, go out with your friends more, just don’t plan it at the last minute.

I’m sorry for the way I behaved just now. I could have accompanied you to town but I just couldn’t let you have me send you off and then I go home while you enjoy with your friends. I’m sorry if I hurt your feelings somehow, but when I did that I hurt myself too.


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Something actually happened today.

I had to do some…

Okay, A LOT

… Of work today.

Because I got a new (Okay, not so new, it was from my grand uncle’s place) sofa.

And its friggin PURPLE

Anyway, the piano was taken out (Like finally, what the heck was my grandma thinking when she chose to put in a piano when no one could play?) to make way for the sofa.

Shift a wardrobe here, shift a table there, shift the table back, shift the bed, clear a whole lot of junk, and voila! My room is clean. For now.

For a moment I thought my FHM collection would be discovered. There were a lot more than I remembered =P

I’ve been meaning to throw them out (I swear!!) but haven’t made the effort till today. I think my mom saw one of the issues I had. Whatever. FHM is really really mild actually. There is no need to create a big hooha out of it.

While clearing the mess, I threw a little tantrum because I have a bit of an Obsessive Compulsive tendency.

I was clearing up MY mess and doing a good job. But my idiotic, annoying, dumbass of an uncle has so much stuff lying around. I was irritated because I already cleaned up my part and now there is this pile of shit that I don’t know what to do with, so I began getting pissed off. See how irritating that asshole is? He wasn’t even present at home just now and he still pissed me off. Asshole.

Okaylah, at least at the end of all that I ended up $10 richer (I found a $10 note, LOL), my room is clean, no more old papers and junk, I got a cool, PURPLE, gay sofa, and I got a new layout for my room!

Oh, there was the part where I felt depressed because I felt ugly. =/

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1054 – New Class, New adventure

Okay, the first week of school has ended, so as promised, here is the update…

After a week with W45G, I am glad to say that this wouldn’t be too bad afterall. Of course, everyone has had to make adjustments, but I see no reason why the times we spend at W45G should be worse than in W15H. Made a few new friends, still waiting to talk to the others. Its a little weird, because we don’t really wanna get out of the comfort zone of the group so we only talk within the groups during breaks but come on guys! I’m sure we can be more comfortable with everyone even if we are not in the same group for the day. I think W45G is cool because if I’m not mistaken,Stephen is the only Singaporean Chinese in class. And someone’s birthday is on the 14th of March. W45G is also cool because Patricia plays CS and Annie plays NFS:MW.

New facilitators…

Enterprise: I don’t know his name, but he seems okay to me. Yeah, thats all the opinion I have of him, haha.

Science: Funny story #1. She thought class starts at 8.30. New facilitator? No… She was teaching Year 2s last semester. And she kept asking if we were lying to her, haha.

Culture: His appearance just doesn’t fit. He has this neatly combed hairdo, but he doesn’t tuck his shirt in. Talks very diplomatically in my opinion. Seems very fatherly.

Computing: Okay, this lady is the bomb! Fine, she started out annoying, but she seems like the kind of faci who gives a lot of freedom. And she guaranteed we will be done by 4.05 PM for her lessons.

Cognitive: Hmm… What can I say? Seemed nice, a bit irritating because she seems to want to pick a fight when she asks questions. And the “No usage of laptops during presentation” rule is a bit restricting. Must be the young blood, haha.

Class is quite cool I think… Its just that now I’m in the middle of the fasting, so we cannot really do much during breaks or after school. I’m gonna let loose after Hari Raya! Fasting sucks big time… I feel so restricted… Gahh!! Oh well… One week down, three to go.

Okay enough for class… Highlights of the week:

Happy Birthday Lim Hui Jun! Old liao, hahaha. Sorry I never stayed for your ice-cream thing lah, fasting leis, sad you know to see people eat…

Breaking fast at the prata shop in AMK Hub with W15H. I forgot the name, but I love the pratas! It was a long wait but it was all worth it. Appreciate the fact that they waited so that the fasting ones can join them and eat. Just you wait till I don’t have to fast… I go join you guys for breaks ah! =)

Tas! I went to Island Creamery yesterday! Hahaha. Anyway, the girl made some loud noise when I told her something funny, and people heard! Haha. Okay, not much about Island Creamery because I just wanted to put it here to make Tas jealous. And W15H! I still want you guys to go lehs… =(

Alright, thats all for this time… Boring weekend up ahead. And I can’t really do much because I messed up my allowance and now I’m short of money. No money to spend is okay, but no money for transport = Go NOWHERE. Sadded.

And to W15H, I’m sorry if I don’t meet up with you guys often, not that I don’t want to, I swear that the only reason is that I have to fast and it sucks to join people just to see them eat. SORRY~!

Okay I just read through my post and I’m amazed at how I went from proper English to Singlish, haha.

Okay bye!

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I just have to get some things off my chest

1 – I hate my uncle. The one that always sleeps over at my place and makes a nuisance of himself. Asshole.

2 – My mom is coming back. I am not looking forward to it afterall…

3 – To the idiot who ordered 800 pieces of pineapple tarts from my grandma, two words. Fuck you. You think she is some sort of machine, bitch? I’m so gonna eat from your containers so you don’t exactly have 800.

4 – I love you. But you already know that already. But I just wanna say it.  =)

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I love the girl

I really do


I’m gonna miss you

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1013 – Previously Protected

I had tears in my eyes when I lay in bed last night

I wasn’t really in the mood, but what she said totally killed me off

Since you say you don’t know me too well, why do you do all that with me?

Its partly my fault too because I too gave in to the temptation

Those words kept going through my head before I went to sleep

And it gave me nightmares

Even after I woke up and then went back to sleep again, I was still having nightmares

Keep pondering, until you know what you want.

Because I sure as hell don’t want you to be regretting anything.

Now I gotta go get ready to meet her.

God help me…

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0645 – Bus Games

Bus games are fun!

I swear my lips still feel different

She sure makes weird cookies though, heh  =P

But thank you for yesterday


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