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Just Like Old Times

And I thought I lived near town. On the way home today, I saw someone board 132 and alighted ONE stop later outside Far East Plaza.

Class was a bore. The past 3 Computing lessons have been a bore in fact. I don’t understand anything at all.

And I feel so uncertain.

It felt so free, so unrestricted…

Yet it felt like something was missing.

As a matter of fact, something was missing.

The way things are now, I’m not fazed.

I’ve been through it before.

Heck, its the story of my life.

Always wanting to be part of something.

Never being.

Is it my fault?

Partly, maybe.

But whatever, just a little more to go.

Stupid man playing Deal or No Deal. I want to poke his fat tummy. Poke, poke, poke.


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The End…

…Is only the beginning

Or something like that…

I might as well be him, its just that they don’t poke fun at me. I think.

Nice to see what happened today, it really put a smile on my face.

Its so irritating.

Impatiently waiting.

When will it come?! Gah…

Its funny how you can love and hate something so much at the same time.

Funny and confusing.

Which doesn’t make it so funny afterall.

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Combo 2 please!

Monday. Enterprise. New shoes. Fun.

I reached class at around 8.15 today. Yeah, damn late *Insert sarcasm*

Class was crazy, so much for Monday Blues. It doesn’t seem to apply ever since Gabriel Lim’s lessons fell on a Monday.

Warm with a tinge of cold.

Went to LJS after school.  The lady who served me tricked me into getting a larger drink. After I made my order she asked, “Medium or Large?” Jeez…

Bus ride home, thoughts run through my head.

Hah! Aiman you idiot… You never stood a chance.

Not long to go… Gah!

I seriously thought this post was going to be much longer.

Oh well.

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Super Sunday

Oh my… What a day…

It started out quite early, at 6 a.m actually. It was a very nice, cool, rainy morning. Perfect.

Then I got ready to go out for breakfast and then the early morning (10.30 A.M) movie at Vivo. Once again, breakfast at Mc’s. Didn’t really get to enjoy it that much as I was in a bit of a rush. After breakfast I made my way to Vivo… Since it wasn’t really that far away, I ended up being way too early. Oh well, at least everyone showed up in the end. We ended up watching the movie for free after THY’s aunt declined to accept our money (Thanks!) The movie itself was alright I guess. I think that if I’d read the book prior to the movie then I wouldn’t enjoy it as much. Cho Chang ain’t that hot, and Hermione looks horrible in uniform.

After the movie I made my way down to town, for High Tea with my cousins Junaz and Yan and my grandma. But they were meeting at 3.30 P.M so I was a bit early and I ended up just rotting at Far East Plaza (Too hot to walk around lah)  We ate at Royal Plaza on Scotts. It was great… There was so much stuff… And the view wasn’t too shabby  ;)  Then we went to walk it off (minus my grandma) around the area. I bought a pair of shoes which, I admit, look a bit Mat-ish (Malay ah beng)  but its not that Mat-ish. Its complicated. LOL. And I had a bit of “shopping-with-girlfriend” training with my cousins. LOL. I just had to tag along while they went around forever looking.

Finally got on the train and headed for home. There was this pretty chick eyeing me at the bus-stop, and she never let up, even when I boarded the bus. Nice day, nice day. =D

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Of old flames and heavy rain…

Today was a bit of a roller-coaster day… Lets start from the top…

I ran into Nadzirah this morning at Jurong East Interchange while on my way to playing soccer. It was the most exciting and sad moment I could ever remember. I was so excited when I first saw her; she looked exactly how I imagined her to look but my bubble burst when she didn’t see me. That one (okay, maybe two) seconds of excitement was followed by…

… About an hour feeling depressed about seeing her because my friends were late to turn up because of the rain. He must be laughing now… Allowing me to see her but then plunging me into sadness. Damn you. Anyway, I had fun playing in the rain today (What am I saying, its ALWAYS fun to play in the rain) The turnout was a little bit disappointing but at least the small numbers meant that we got to play 3-touch football (My favorite) Met two new friends today, Ong and Hao, and they are surprisingly good players (No offense) Made a hole in my socks too, because I was sliding like nobody’s business just because I could do so in the rain.

After soccer, I brought Faiz, Shazwin, Shazni and Irsyad to Island Creamery. It cost me a bit, but whatever… “Whats the point of having money if you don’t spend it?”, thats what I always say. I hope they enjoyed it. They better have, haha.

Now… I’m just sitting around with nothing to do… Thinking about whether I will ever run into her again… Sigh…

And oh! I got my lost sim card replaced. My number is still the same.

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Statu Quo Ante

Statu quo ante.


I can’t do it.

Seems to be better off now anyway.

And this other… thing… is really irritating.

And the worst part is, there is nothing I can do.

I know you know what I’m talking about… but hush now, I don’t want to get into trouble…

It was nice, but it was also a one-off.

My bad, sorry. I shouldn’t have.

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Took myself out, now I’m lagging behind.

And I can’t help but to feel left out.

Incentive to not return.

Motivation for change.

Confused, what do I do?

Is it my fault?

I think it is.

But I always do.

Writing riddles.

Speaking in tongues.

You might know what I’m talking about.

Well, good for you.

Safety in numbers? Definitely.

If only I had them.

If you only knew…

You’d probably run away too.

What’s your perspective?

I know mine.

Why do I feel this way?

Why does it bother me so much.

They say, “Never say never”, but I never should feel this way.

Or should I?

What do I do now?

And on a lighter note, I wanna play more pool!

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